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Summer Reading


I love summer for the time I get to spend with Colton, time to relax, time in the sun, and of course – time to read! A lot of what I read this summer were B.O.B. books. What a list it is this year! Although I’m teaching second graders there are many picture books from this list I will be sharing with them! (I can hear their giggles!) I have just as busy of a schedule as the next person but there is always time to make for something you hold so dear to your heart. Whether that be your favorite sport, an instrument, even a video game – we always seem to make room for things we love. Why can’t reading be a part of that? Find a book you love and make time for it! I will continue to read books I love throughout this school year and share them with my second graders! I already have a few in mind already!

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Top Secret

This week started a new school year for us! Students and I have been talking how we are all successful readers and the importance of reading. So I let them in on a little secret…… 



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As School Approaches…

Summer is quickly winding down and each day is getting us closer to the start of a brand new school year.  Each day I have moments where I do not want summer to end – I’ll miss my days with Colton too much, I’ll miss reading during nap times, I’ll miss our daily walks with the crazy Bogey!  But then on the other hand as I sit down to plan things out for a brand new school year – a brand new group of kids – I become excited to get back in the swing of things.  Aside from being home with Colton, the thing I will miss the most is having all the time to read!  I hope you have gotten to spend some time reading books of your choice and finding some great books to recommend to friends when we get back!  I’ve included a list of the books I’ve read this summer.  I would love to hear any of your recommendations…I can add them to my Someday List!

B.O.B. Books

The Crossover

Tuck Everlasting

Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy

Among the Hidden

Ida B.

Odd Weird and Little

The Phantom Tollbooth

The View from Saturday


A Snicker of Magic

Half a Chance

The Turtle of Oman

The Boundless


Nuts to You

Oliver and the Seawigs

Knights of the Kitchen Table

Pack of Dorks

Buried Sunlight

El Deafo

The Right Word

Wild Animal Neighbors


Every Last Drop

The Noisy Paint Box

The White House is Burning

Food Trucks!

Brown Girl Dreaming

Twenty-two Cents

Brother Hugo and the Bear

Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas


Hansel and Gretel

Shooting at the Stars

King for a Day

Beauty and the Beast

How I Became a Pirate



Fiona’s Lace


Tea with Milk

All other books I’ve read…


Tom Gates Excellent Excuses

Zane’s Trace

The Shadow Club

Paper Things

The majority of my reading has been B.O.B. books but there have been some great reads from that list!

I look forward to sharing my summer reading with my new class, soon!

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Rainy Days

We sure have had some rainy weather so far this summer!  What better to do than curl up inside with a good book?!  Has anyone read anything good this summer? 

I’ve kept busy reading two B.O.B books: Clementine and Zane and the Hurricane. I’ve also read Paper Things by Jennifer Jacobson and Zane’s Trace by Allan Wolf. These are two new books I learned about at a literacy conference I attended last week. I learned about many new titles at this conference and look forward to sharing those soon!

I hope everyone is keeping up with their reading – I look forward to hearing about what books you’ve enjoyed!


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Summer Reading

sun book

As summer approaches it is important to remember to keep up with your reading!  I will post my summer someday book list here, as well as books I read throughout the summer.

I would love hear what you plan to read over the summer and any recommendations you have for me!


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Introducing Baby Kalush

Colton John Kalush was born at 6:55 pm on June 11 he weighted 8 pounds 11 ounces and was 22 inches long. Both mom and baby are doing well. Everyone is very excited to meet this little guy!!



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What to Read Next

Last year I posted a link to a website to search for books similiar to ones you have already read. I have found another website that I think works better. All you do is simply type in the title or author of a book you enjoyed and similar suggestions will appear.

For What to Read Next click here.

Happy Reading!

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