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Summer Reading


I love summer for the time I get to spend with Colton, time to relax, time in the sun, and of course – time to read! A lot of what I read this summer were B.O.B. books. What a list it is this year! Although I’m teaching second graders there are many picture books from this list I will be sharing with them! (I can hear their giggles!) I have just as busy of a schedule as the next person but there is always time to make for something you hold so dear to your heart. Whether that be your favorite sport, an instrument, even a video game – we always seem to make room for things we love. Why can’t reading be a part of that? Find a book you love and make time for it! I will continue to read books I love throughout this school year and share them with my second graders! I already have a few in mind already!

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