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What to Read Next

Last year I posted a link to a website to search for books similiar to ones you have already read. I have found another website that I think works better. All you do is simply type in the title or author of a book you enjoyed and similar suggestions will appear.

For What to Read Next click here.

Happy Reading!

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Reading Resolutions

Every new year people all over make New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions to exercise more, eat healthier, do something kind for others, just about anything you can think of.
In fifth grade this year we wrote Reading Resolutions. We thought long and hard about three things we would like to improve upon in reading this year. I participated as well and my resolutions are to read more professional teaching books to keep up to date with my practice, update my blog more often, and share more book chats with the students. So far I’m not doing too bad! I shared book chats with students on the five books I read over winter vacation and and also some new ones I happened to find. Our resolutions are hanging up in the classroom so we are always reminded of them!

I hope students are well on their way to having successful reading resolutions! Ask your child what their resolutions are so you can help them succeed as well!

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