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I Funny

I funny

Title: I Funny

Author: James Patterson

Rating: 9/10

Jamie Grimm is a middle school student who loves to tell jokes. He tells jokes to his adoptive family, tells jokes to distract bullies, tells jokes to customers waiting to pay at the diner, he tells jokes just about anywhere he goes. His uncle convinces him to enter the Funniest Kid Contest. Jamie enters but without any of his family or friends knowing. Even Jamie surprises himself with the results of the contest. I Funny tells Jamie’s story of having courage to do something he thought he could never do. In the end, even the bully comes to admit Jamie is not so bad.


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Title: Crunch

Author: Leslie Connor

Rating: 8/10

Dewey and his siblings are left to fend for themselves while their parents are stranded away on a vacation. The country is in a ‘crunch’ – there is a gasoline shortage and his parents are among the many travelers stranded away from home. Dewey and one of his brothers keep busy by repaing the numerous bikes which are brought in to the family bike repair shop. Since there is no gasoline, how do you think people travel? Needless to say, it is a busy shop! While business is booming, so is the temptation for people to steal – a very unsuspected culprit! Dewey and his siblings work together to take care of each other and their family’s shop in this diffcult time.

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Winter Break Reading

As we talked about before leaving for winter break – reading is the most important activity you could do during these two weeks off. As a class we discussed how you grow as a reader each time you read. When you do not read, you could think of it as shrinking as a reader. Therefore, anyone who would spend no time reading over break would be going backwards in their reading progress.

I hope each of you are keeping track of your reading in the reading plans we made. Remember, those were plans and if you are not making the pages you said, that is OK! (Of course it is always OK to go over!)

I know I have kept up with my reading and you will see new books posted on my blog which I will share with you when we return.

Enjoy your New Year and KEEP ON READING!!


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Surprise Visit

Surprise Visit

Today the students had a surprise visit from author Steven Layne. We had finished This SIde of Paradise and were almost done with Paradise Lost. He surprised the students with a read aloud and a question and answer session. It was an exciting and fun morning!


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