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Wild Wings

Title: Wild Wings

Author: Gill Lewis

Rating: 10/10

Set in Scotland on his family’s farm, Callum uncovers a secret set high up in the trees.  Out with his friends, Callum finds Iona, an odd girl who lives with her grandfather, fishing on his family’s property.  Iona makes him a deal – she keeps the fish if he will allow her to show him the secret living on his farm.  Reluctantly, Callum follows Iona and discovers an Osprey.  The Osprey is a rare bird to be found.  Any word about the bird will bring about hunters who want the eggs and the bird.  A tracker is put on the Osprey and Callum and Iona are able to follow the bird through its migration.  When tragedy strikes Iona, Callum promises her he will keep their bird safe.  Through a challenging migration, the Osprey forces Callum to find courage and strength within himself to keep the bird safe.  To do this Callum finds a friend in a young girl in Africa who he works to save as they both try to save the Osprey.

This is a B.O.B. book.

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The Clique

Title: The Clique

Author: Lisi Harrison

Rating: 8/10

Massie Block comes from a wealthy family and she only is friends with girls who come from the same wealth.  Massie’s world is turned upside down when her father agrees to let his friend and his family live in their guest house.  The catch – the new family is a middle class family.  The daughter, Claire, is not one Massie would be caught hanging out with.  Massie and her friends do everything they can to keep Claire from their ‘clique’, but Claire strikes back and turns the wealthy girls against each other.

This book is the graphic novel version of the novel series, The Clique, by Lisi Harrison.


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Summer of the Gypsy Moths

Title: Summer of the Gypsy Moths

Author: Sara Pennypacker

Rating: 9/10

Stella enjoys living with her great-aunt Louise in her Cape Cod home.  Aunt Louise is a bit older and helps her friend George run four rental cottages in return for the free rent of her house.  Also living with Stella and Aunt Louise is Angel, a foster child.  Angel and Stella are not the best of friends, but are forced to work together when Aunt Louise suddenly dies.  The two girls go to the extreme to hide her death from everyone, including George.  Pennypacker fuses humor into the very touchy and sad subject of death.  Angel and Stella continue to maintain the cottages, help the renters, and even find a way to make money.  When pushed together, the girls find a friendship that is everlasting.


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Title: Plunked

Author: Michael Northrop

Rating: 6/10

Jack Mogens loves baseball.  The sport is his life.  It is all his friends talk about.  After practice, coach names the starting line up for the first game of the year and Jack is in as a starter.  When Jack steps up to the plate for his first at bat, he is hit by a pitch.  This hit startles Jack more than he can tell anyone else – his parents, friends, coach, or teammates.  Jack learns more about himself as finds the courage to come back from this injury.  Who knew that Jack could be so scared of something he loved so much?

Plunked is a good story – but you have to be a baseball enthusiast to enjoy it.  I do like baseball (Go Sox!), but I did find this book to be heavy on baseball talk.

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