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Lulu and the Brontosaurus

Title: Lulu and the Brontosaurus

Author: Judith Viorst

Rating: 9/10

Lulu wants a Brontosaurus for her birthday to keep as a pet.  She is convinced she will get what she wants because she always does.  Her parents never tell her no – until now!  Every time she asks for a Brontosaurus she is told no.  And every time Lulu throws a fit!  She decides to run away to the forest to find her own Brontosaurus.  Little does she know, the Brontosaurus she finds wants to keep her for a pet.  Lulu learns a little about herself on her journey back home from the forest with the Brontosaurus.  The story includes multiple endings so the reader is able to decide which ending is best for Lulu.


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Title: Legend

Author: Marie Lu

Rating: 10/10

June and Metias are part of the wealthiest part of the Republic district.  At the age of 15, June has received a perfect score on her Trial and is attending Drake to train to be a soldier in their army.  Day is a wanted criminal on the run to find medicine to cure his brother of the plague.  While escaping the hospital and soldiers, Day is accused of murdering Metias, June’s brother.  If Day is caught, his sentence is the death penalty.  June is taken out of Drake and assigned her first mission to hunt down Day.  When the two of them cross paths unexpectedly, June realizes this has all been a mistake.  Has Day really murdered Metias or was he set up?  What control does the Republic have with the spreading plague?  June and Day develop an unexpected relationship which helps the Republic and Patriot citizens.

This book is kept on Mrs. Kalush’s shelf and needs her permission to check out.

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Jake and Lily

Title: Jake and Lily

Author: Jerry Spinelli

Rating: 9/10

Jake and Lily have an invisible sense between the two of them.  They know when the other is in danger.  They know what the other is thinking.  They even sleep walk to the same place, at the same time, on their birthday each year.  Jake and Lily are twins.  But things begin to change when their parents have them move into separate bedrooms.  Jake enjoys the idea; Lily does not.  Lily is afraid this will bring the two of them apart.  She is nervous they will lose their magic “goombla”.  Jake starts hanging out with more of the boys in the neighborhood, rather than Lily.  Lily feels sad and lonely without her twin brother by her side.  Grandpa teaches Lily how to be her own individual while still being Jake’s twin.  She learns many things about herself that she did not know before.

The chapters of the book alternate between the voice of Jake and Lily.  It is fun to see events from each point of view.  The beginning and end chapters are told by both Jake and Lily.


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Read at every age!


Reading is a fun activity for people of all ages! This is my niece, Abby. She is one year old and enjoys reading her books and turning the pages on her own! Abby enjoys picking the book off of her shelf to have read to her.

No matter how young or old you are, you are never too old to enjoy a story! There is a book out there for everyone!


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Sparrow Road

Title: Sparrow Road

Author: Sheila O’Connor

Rating: 10/10

Raine O’Rourke’s mother suddenly moves them away from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Sparrow Road.  Sparrow Road appears to be a lonely place where artists go to have peace to work.  The first person Raine meets when they arrive is Viktor.  He informs them of the rule of silence – everyday until supper time, and on Sunday talking is allowed.  Raine is determined to get out of Sparrow Road and back to her grandfather in Wisconsin.  Little by little Raine realizes there is more to Sparrow Road than she first thought.  Sparrow  Road holds a deep family secret which Raine unfolds with the help of her mother and friends at the artist’s home.  Raine learns from friends at the house that using her imagination and writing, she can create fun for herself, while uncovering a historic story of Sparrow Road.

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Because of Mr. Terupt

Title: Because of Mr. Terupt

Author: Rob Buyea

Rating: 10/10

Mr. Terupt is the new fifth grade teacher at Snow Hill School.  The students are afraid the new, young, male teacher will not know how to teach or deal with all of their antics.  Mr. Terupt agrees to give the class a free day as a reward for their hard work.  It is winter and the kids vote to go outside to play in the snow.  The free day arrives and what is supposed to be a fun, rewarding day, turns out to be tragic.  A mishap with a snowball fight puts one special person in the hospital.  This event forces the students to communicate and put trust in each other.  The class of fifth graders learns more important lessons than math, science, and history.  They learn the importance of family, friends, and love.


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The One and Only Ivan

Title: The One and Only Ivavn

Author: Katherine Applegate

Rating: 10/10

Ivan is a gorilla who lives at the Exit 8 Big Top Mall and Video Arcade.  His friends are Stella, an old elephant, and Bob, a stray dog.  Ivan has a special talent, he can paint.  As Ivan is in his “cage” he sees other animals on TV he wishes that he was able to have a better life.  When sadness hits Ivan’s life and he has to adjust to a new elephant, Ruby, at the Big Top Mall.  He sees through Ruby’s young eyes that this is not the place they should call home forever.  With his painting and smarts, and the help of a young girl and her father, Ivan is able to find a new, safer, home for Ruby and himself.


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