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This Means War

Title: This Means War

Author: Ellen Wittlinger

Rating: 9/10

Juliet feels she has lost her best friend, Lowell, when he decides it is not “cool” to be friends with a girl.  Juliet also feels her world has been turned upside down because of the threat of a war.  With Juliet left feeling lonely and not knowing what to do this summer, she meets Patsy, the new girl in town.  Patsy’s family is one of many families who has moved to be close to the Lathrop air base.  Patsy is a fiesty, young girl who wants nothing but for everyone to like her; she strives to impress all.  Patsy and Juliet meet up with Lowell and friends and come up with an idea to compete – boys vs girls – in various challenges.  When their challenges go one step too far and put themselves in danger, the children learn that there is more to friendship than just being a boy or girl.


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Book Challenge

Alright, so Jared has challenged me to read 45-60 books this summer.  That’s a tough one, but I’ll attempt it!  What’s your goal for the summer?  Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself – it will only help you!


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Storm Mountain

Title: Storm Mountain

Author: Tom Birdseye

Rating: 8/10

Cat’s father and uncle died doing what they loved most, climbing the dangerous mountain known as Storm Mountain.  When Cat’s cousin, Ty, gets the idea to go climb the mountain to spread their ashes across it, Cat grudingly follows him up the mountain.  When an avalanche hits, Cat and Ty are forced to call upon the stories their fathers had told them in order to survive.  Storm Mountain is a story of the heroic teenagers who are grieving the loss of their fathers, trying to find closure to move on in their lives.  The story is fast paced and moves quickly through Cat and Ty’s adventure through their climb.


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Summer Someday List

I would love to hear books which you think I would enjoy!  Let me know so I can put the title on my Summer Someday List!


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Avoid the Summer Reading Slump!

Reading is the number one way you can keep up with your reading skills and strategies.  Throughout the summer I will post book chats and summaries on books which I have read.  Feel free to respond with a comment, question, and/or a book recommendation of your own!  I will respond to any questions, comments you have, too!

Happy Summer Reading!


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